Tim Hortons is the pride of Canada. So the The World's Greatest Review Channel is here to put their food to the test...
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  1. Markiplier


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    HUGE Thanks to Lio Tipton for helping film this video! Send them lots of love HERE ►► instagram.com/liotipton/

    • Peyton Perillo

      Peyton Perillo

      پیش ماه

      Is anyone else still waiting for the end of hunipop 2

    • redneckneedforspeed


      پیش ماه

      Why Lio have such smol voice?

    • Brandon Markin

      Brandon Markin

      پیش ماه

      Come on over to the Browns socialhouse, that being if you're still within kamloops brotha!

    • RedNinja 981

      RedNinja 981

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    • Sketch


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  2. Billy Cyrus

    Billy Cyrus

    پیش 3 دقیقه

    Never forget that Republicans are deliberately trying to destroy our democracy for personal gain.

  3. Ethan Napier

    Ethan Napier

    پیش 12 دقیقه

    Does he know Tim Horton is dead?

  4. IamtheBW


    پیش 4 ساعت

    The perfect Canadian Christmas for me is buying timmies HC,and then watching Christmas vacation and playing games until I gotta go to my family’s house to for Christmas dinner,and you best believe I always bring both fuck tons of pancakes,and the holiday ham

  5. Hyper Coden

    Hyper Coden

    پیش 4 ساعت

    As a Canadian I'm offended that you had timmie's and didn't even get their coffee that is the best part about Tim's

  6. Kiefer Hodgkinson

    Kiefer Hodgkinson

    پیش 6 ساعت

    i don't think mark know tim horton is dead

  7. Book Store System

    Book Store System

    پیش 7 ساعت

    as a canadian this was offensive, but i agree with the donuts and coffee statements

  8. Lennardo Da Vinci

    Lennardo Da Vinci

    پیش 12 ساعت

    16:11 I can translate this, I am fluent in glutton, as it is my native language. The She said: „ Yeah, kind of“ which can be interpreted through context as: „Feeble packaging may not hinder me from consuming this sustenance.“

  9. Shannon Giasson

    Shannon Giasson

    پیش 15 ساعت

    honestly i prefer mcdonalds breaky sandwhichs over tims though the farmers sausage sandwhich at tims is pretty damn good but they changed the eggs recently.

  10. Ian Miller

    Ian Miller

    پیش 18 ساعت

    I work at one of the tim hortons in michigan and im truly proud to see you review there food... even though its not all good

  11. Pepperidge Farms

    Pepperidge Farms

    پیش 21 ساعت

    You gotta get the farmers wrap soo good

  12. Caleb genesis

    Caleb genesis

    پیش 21 ساعت

    I am Canadian and I’ve had a lot of Timmy’s coffee and it’s not an unpopular opinion that McDonald’s coffee is better than Timmy’s

  13. caleb gatten

    caleb gatten

    پیش 22 ساعت

    You should do another one where your fans suggest the things you order

  14. Th4tTh1nG


    پیش روز

    There’s a Tim’s in Mansfield Ohio and yes it amazing

  15. Etienne Le Roi

    Etienne Le Roi

    پیش روز


  16. Nick Nigga

    Nick Nigga

    پیش روز

    Tim hortons

  17. Caitlin Kaczowka

    Caitlin Kaczowka

    پیش روز

    You need to go to Tim's with a Canadian 😂 they didn't give you a Canadian Maple donut (basically a Boston cream but with maple instead of chocolate glaze), birthday cake timbits, and you needed to order a true double-double 😂 Also yes the bun is for the chili! Tim's used to be the "healthy" alternative McD's and back in the day. The chili used to be served in a bread bowl and all the donuts were baked in store. In the 2000s (?) Tim's was bought by the American company that also owns burger king. Definitely has gone down hill and the donuts are shipped in frozen and re-heated soooo... 🤷🏼‍♀️

  18. Jordan Beard

    Jordan Beard

    پیش روز

    As a Canadian we love our Tim Hortons it is the pinnacle of Canada culture

  19. Ava Rose Merrick

    Ava Rose Merrick

    پیش روز

    How do you like Canada🇨🇦

  20. PEPE ZAN


    پیش روز

    You got to try a medium ice cap with a chocolate chip muffin

  21. Oliver Cohen-Butt

    Oliver Cohen-Butt

    پیش روز

    Me hungy can I have some ? 🥺

  22. Mattie O

    Mattie O

    پیش 2 روز

    Markiplier Eats the Menu

  23. xH1DDEN-_-SH4DOx


    پیش 2 روز

    Let’s goooo he pick a sausage breakfast sandwich let’s goo

  24. dectriz N

    dectriz N

    پیش 2 روز

    Tim hortons isn’t a fast food place it’s a way of life

  25. ProjectFlashlight612


    پیش 2 روز

    Mark Attempts To Shut His Heart Down: The Motion Picture

  26. Jigoku no hi

    Jigoku no hi

    پیش 2 روز

    Do they have Tim Horton’s in New York?

    • Jigoku no hi

      Jigoku no hi

      پیش روز

      @Iamray 4 well I live near Canada so time to hunt a Horton

    • Iamray 4

      Iamray 4

      پیش 2 روز

      @Jigoku no hi It really is, it's amazing and you have to try it some time soon.

    • Jigoku no hi

      Jigoku no hi

      پیش 2 روز

      @Iamray 4 that’s a shame

    • Iamray 4

      Iamray 4

      پیش 2 روز

      I don't believe, the only one I know of in America is in Flordia.

  27. MacKenzie Aranguiz

    MacKenzie Aranguiz

    پیش 2 روز

    You missed out on the roast beef cravable

  28. Caidy B

    Caidy B

    پیش 2 روز

    I’m confused. There is Tim hortons all around me and I’m from the states

  29. corny friesen

    corny friesen

    پیش 2 روز

    I have always gotten a spoon with chilly haha

  30. Bronwyn Aubry

    Bronwyn Aubry

    پیش 2 روز

    look, i work at timmies and can honestly say the pulled pork sandwitches are usually fucking more soup than sandwich with how much sauce there is, idk what happened for you

  31. Justin Lavoie

    Justin Lavoie

    پیش 2 روز

    Its not a Canadian pallet, as a Canadian I prefer the Mcdonalds breakfast items, and their coffee as well..... Tim's is overrated big time.

  32. D-m'n


    پیش 2 روز

    Don't insult salsa by calling mcdonalds tomato sauce hot. The stuff that comes out of my bum is hotter than that slime. And theirs is available all day long.

  33. typicalsailor 97

    typicalsailor 97

    پیش 2 روز

    You should have went for farmers wrap for breakfast... im canadian and thats where the games at for fast food breakfast 😝

  34. Lag Chat

    Lag Chat

    پیش 2 روز

    1:21 is when you stay around an npc after they say bye

  35. Certified_Professional


    پیش 2 روز

    Tim Hortons was garbage when i had it.

  36. AngelDame17


    پیش 2 روز

    *Canadian Cackling**

  37. TJR Twinedship

    TJR Twinedship

    پیش 3 روز

    As a guy who eats Tim’s for lunch everytime my friends and I go to the park to play basketball, that chicken Cesar sandwich is my royalty.

  38. Luca Verkerk

    Luca Verkerk

    پیش 3 روز

    Where is Amy

  39. Sleeping Bear DEMONT

    Sleeping Bear DEMONT

    پیش 3 روز

    Canada has no taste when it comes to food or Coffee, Tim Hortons coffee is CRAP!! And Canada loves CRAP!!!

  40. Lesa F

    Lesa F

    پیش 3 روز

    No one: Not a single soul: Africkids watching this cause they can't eat or drink clean water

  41. Harbar Manarnar

    Harbar Manarnar

    پیش 3 روز

    You should go to Alberta to try crooked creek donuts there so freaking good pls go there

  42. Dune Ink

    Dune Ink

    پیش 3 روز

    Okay, so Lio took a sip of his coffee. Whatever. But then she did it again and took a bite of his hash brown I can see why she's WANTED

  43. kokoloko1111


    پیش 3 روز

    bro i got a god damn tim hortons ad on a video of mark eating tim hortons

  44. Alex Bauer

    Alex Bauer

    پیش 3 روز

    I feel sorry that you didn’t get to try the original version of the breakfast sandwiches because they were a million times better then they are now like to the point where I cut Tim Hortons breakfast out completely

  45. Shawn Brady

    Shawn Brady

    پیش 3 روز


  46. David S

    David S

    پیش 3 روز

    Ok mark not only have you offended 69% of Canadians you've probably pissed off every Saskatchewan person too. Your review senses seem to be on the fritz.

  47. Nalarific


    پیش 3 روز

    Mark miss gendering Lio like S:

  48. Gamer Link Boy

    Gamer Link Boy

    پیش 3 روز

    8:57 he said I used to eat these as a kid but Oreo Os was not even created by then

  49. lili lay

    lili lay

    پیش 4 روز

    *me from the future:Mark don't do it!you will be punished

  50. Bubby


    پیش 4 روز

    The naughty goat geographically invent because dime infrequently curve on a lean appeal. stupendous, rabid eggnog

  51. jonnie Mitchell

    jonnie Mitchell

    پیش 4 روز

    Mark: how is my hair good? Lio: its hairy. Mark what the f

  52. Logan Myers

    Logan Myers

    پیش 4 روز

    Yep! Anything else? YEP! Anything else? YEP! ANYTHING ELSE? YEP!!! ANYTHING ELSE?!?

  53. Fruit Punch In The Face 2367

    Fruit Punch In The Face 2367

    پیش 4 روز

    They made the pull pork wrong. It is technically supposed to be made very saucy. But sometimes when your in a hurry ya forget..

  54. Parsia


    پیش 4 روز

    At the start of the video 100 ways to say bye

  55. Ma Carla P. Lanzarote

    Ma Carla P. Lanzarote

    پیش 4 روز

    this where my wife work as a manager. and i am so proud of her. by the way shes a filipina

  56. CloudPengu


    پیش 4 روز

    There is so much wilderness here in Saskatchewan, more wilderness than cities thats for sure

  57. Troy Gerow

    Troy Gerow

    پیش 4 روز

    You went to...KAMLOOPS?!!? I used to live near!

  58. Bubby


    پیش 4 روز

    The impartial collar serologically place because airmail immunocytochemically clean by a evanescent apparel. squeamish, boring button

  59. Nando Morales

    Nando Morales

    پیش 4 روز

    69 heh

  60. Joyously Joy

    Joyously Joy

    پیش 4 روز

    Theres fast food pulled pork in Texas/ San Antonio

  61. InfamousGameVR


    پیش 4 روز

    Iced Caps and Tim Bits are our culture

  62. Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

    Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

    پیش 4 روز

    A N Y T H I N G E L S E?

  63. Crypted Unknown

    Crypted Unknown

    پیش 4 روز

    The worker anything else? anything else? Anything else? Anything else?

  64. DallasTaylor007


    پیش 4 روز

    12:37 Lixian just knows what Mark wanted

    • Large Boy

      Large Boy

      پیش 2 روز

      they're probably psychically linked at this point

  65. Darth Strange

    Darth Strange

    پیش 4 روز

    A&W is the best fast food chain we have to offer, shits better than sex, especially on a hangover day

  66. Panda Master756

    Panda Master756

    پیش 4 روز

    mark my child, the pulled pork is dry because it'd soak the takeout wrapper, go back there and try again, do not stray from the true Canadian path mark.

  67. Cameron Bodnar

    Cameron Bodnar

    پیش 4 روز

    tim’s food is 100x better than any US fast food place. i’m sorry but it’s true

    • Cameron Bodnar

      Cameron Bodnar

      پیش 4 روز

      nevermind i commented too soon my bad

    • Cameron Bodnar

      Cameron Bodnar

      پیش 4 روز

      i’m pissed

    • Cameron Bodnar

      Cameron Bodnar

      پیش 4 روز

      he judged it when it’s cold but your supposed to eat it when it’s fresh and warm it’s not fair he’s judging it off when it’s cold and old

  68. Open your eyes

    Open your eyes

    پیش 4 روز

    *touches cups other people touched* *licks finger* hey that wasnt covid safe

  69. YTllama-yeet klep

    YTllama-yeet klep

    پیش 5 روز

    i dunno if you think tim hortons is still alive cause hes not

  70. Zer0sGaming


    پیش 5 روز

    If Mark ever returns to tim hortons he need to order chocolate timbits among other things

  71. Zer0sGaming


    پیش 5 روز

    Mark shoulda got the breakfast on the biscuit sandwich i fell like that woulda been a better call than the English muffin

  72. Grey


    پیش 5 روز

    For people who are watching this later, Lio came out as non-binary and their pronouns are they/them! Please make sure you use the right pronouns when referring to them



    پیش 5 روز

    Should’ve gotten a 10 pack of chocolate glazed timbits instead. They are the best

  74. Dolan Dank The DJ Hank

    Dolan Dank The DJ Hank

    پیش 5 روز

    *Im ashamed to see what you have turned into, seriously*

  75. Bubby


    پیش 5 روز

    The glamorous tin strangely pull because congo frequently excuse from a wild buffer. hushed, muddled orange

  76. Lewistin 34

    Lewistin 34

    پیش 5 روز

    My fav markiplier vid and I never thought I'd like it that much

  77. Daniel Morris

    Daniel Morris

    پیش 5 روز

    Oh no he´s gonna review Outback next and offend the Australians...

  78. Daniel Morris

    Daniel Morris

    پیش 5 روز

    Alternate Title: *Mark´s impending doom*

  79. Se7enthson


    پیش 5 روز

    I mean I'm from Buffalo NY where there's literally a Timmy Hos on every corner lol, best coffee imo

  80. Theo Lysyk

    Theo Lysyk

    پیش 6 روز

    As a Canadian I think tims is overpriced dogwater

  81. ¥ ÃÂRØÑ ¥

    ¥ ÃÂRØÑ ¥

    پیش 6 روز

    These poor employees when they hear "i have a very large order" they have flashbacks of every other youtuber who came there lmfao

  82. Shaszed


    پیش 6 روز


    • Shaszed


      پیش 6 روز

      I was just there the same time u where in BC

  83. Coltdawg Vods

    Coltdawg Vods

    پیش 6 روز

    He channeled his inner EEF for the first six minutes of this video.

  84. C Cristi

    C Cristi

    پیش 6 روز

    29:00 Damn

  85. Deathtaco00


    پیش 6 روز

    Lio ruined this video when she bit his hashbrowm. U can't change my mind.🤨

  86. Just a ordinary Boy

    Just a ordinary Boy

    پیش 6 روز

    I’m watching this inside timhortons eating

  87. Katelyn Pilat

    Katelyn Pilat

    پیش 6 روز


  88. Tomahawkbomb


    پیش 7 روز

    Imagine getting markipliers order

  89. Peter Hugi-kennerly

    Peter Hugi-kennerly

    پیش 7 روز

    You should do voice acting. Very gud. Funny. Good.👍. Sorry I sent comment before end of video...

  90. Zachary Zoe

    Zachary Zoe

    پیش 7 روز

    Try frozen lemonade

  91. YT.HappyCat


    پیش 7 روز

    I love the way Mark reacted to Leo taking a bite of the hashbrown.

  92. Koolest Kid

    Koolest Kid

    پیش 7 روز

    Jesus loves yall so much

  93. Jess Sparks

    Jess Sparks

    پیش 7 روز

    *likes the video*

  94. Verity Didonato

    Verity Didonato

    پیش 7 روز

    The bun goes with the chilli 😂

  95. Michael Green

    Michael Green

    پیش 7 روز

    The way he said "timbits" ;-;

  96. Patrick Sirianni

    Patrick Sirianni

    پیش 8 روز

    I like to take the McDonald’s hash brown and put some oil on a pan and let it sit there on both sides for like a minute each side

  97. Ma'am Morg

    Ma'am Morg

    پیش 8 روز

    lemme make this clear: nobody in canada cares about tim hortons

  98. Nightclaw's Fury

    Nightclaw's Fury

    پیش 8 روز


  99. doreime


    پیش 8 روز

    I just want him to know that the donuts were underwhelming because you had an apple fritter. Bestie, you should’ve asked for a boston cream.

  100. Nickoliedus


    پیش 8 روز

    For some reason, I got some sad flashbacks at 6:00